Here's some questions you should be asking yourself at this stage in your business' life.


Should I hire a Marketing Consulting Company?

Short answer: it totally depends. Brands who benefit the most from outside hires are those who have specific budgets and projects, those who have a readiness to work collaboratively with a fresh set of eyes to build their brand, and those who would rather have a vendor relationship than an employee relationship. This last qualifier is one to seriously consider. There is a vast difference between a vendor and an employee and both have benefits and deficits. READ MORE.... 

How can do you work for my business from so far away?

Communication is the key to successful projects whether near or far. We utilize Basecamp as our primary communication tool with clients. The Basecamp app is simple to use, tracks progress, and gets us answers in real time, and like any other program if you work the steps it works. We're pretty adamant and up front about the use of productivity tools to work effectively, efficiently, and capture and deliver assets. If you're project requires more in depth discovery or event/festival execution we will 100% travel to you to ensure the success of the project.

What services do you offer?

At Point Five we offer a veritable smorgasbord of services crafted to fit all budgets. For example, not every brand will need or want full time PR management, you may just need a few Press Releases a month. Or perhaps you feel comfortable with written content, but not visual for your social media outlets. Or even if you do want day-to-day management for the marketing and pr needs of your brand, we've got you covered. READ MORE....

What are your fees and how are they structured?

If good looks alone could get us through life, we'd still have to charge you. But with that said, our goal is to still be approachable and affordable while acknowledging the age old adage of you get what you pay for.

Our service fees are structured for both monthly retainer fees (flat price dependent on service), hourly rates, and package fees. All package contracts include additional fees for scope creep (when the agreed upon work load creeps outside of the original scope), which is standard in consulting work. We are also happy to provide a list of services based off of a one-time or monthly budget you provide and offer payment plans.

What does Point Five even mean, anyways?

Back when we first started working together, the long-running joke was that each of us were two halves (or .5) of a whole idiot. Brevity aside, the joke stuck and we were known as such ever since. We're very clever.

Who is a better cook?

Erin: Jordan claims to be the better cook out of the two. However, the jury is still out. 

Jordan: The reason they're still out is because they all had to take a nap after the delicious turkey dinner I prepared for them BECAUSE I'M A BEAST IN THE KITCHEN!

Will you cook for me?

Totally! Can I bring my own personal stash of Maldon Salt?