A New Endeavor

Point Five is both new and old all at once. Old friendships with new ideas. New ethos, same mentality. If our years in beer have taught us anything it is that we all need each other. No dream belongs to any one person in singularity.

It's not supposed to.

It is in serving others we also serve the call within ourselves to dream again and even deeper, to participate actively in the lives of others, to ask everyone around us to not only have visions, but to execute them to the fullest. This dream of ours is one of community, of the sum being greater than the parts.

Stories can be told in numerous ways, and through many (literal and figurative) lenses. Whether it's beer, food, or art, our goal through Point Five is to tell the stories we love, and use this platform to help others do the same.

Every story is unique, and ours is no different. We can't wait to tell it.


Erin + Jordan